Know Your Enemy pt. 1

Everything you buy, the news you watch, the food you eat, the jobs you work, the movies you watch and are made FOR YOU. You have on the illusion of choice – in reality you do not. The divisions they create between us are a distraction to shield them from the people discovering the way... Continue Reading →


Thoughts on the Philando Castile Verdict

You can’t have faith in a system designed to fail you. You can’t hope for change if the change will affect the originator. Who willing gives away the “upper hand?” You cannot be shocked and angry when a cop gets off free for murder You can’t be surprised & hope it will be different next... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Them Fool You: Bayer & Monsanto

So, doing my normal morning news catch ups and I came across something that should strike fear into the hearts of, well, everybody. Bayer, pharmaceutical giant, put forth a $66 billion dollar offer to buy Monsanto, the GMO-creating, planet-ruining superstar. What this will mean is all seeds and pesticides will come from the same exact... Continue Reading →

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