Thoughts on the Philando Castile Verdict

You can’t have faith in a system designed to fail you.

You can’t hope for change if the change will affect the originator.

Who willing gives away the “upper hand?”

You cannot be shocked and angry when a cop gets off free for murder

You can’t be surprised & hope it will be different next time.

Justice within a rotten system cannot ever be JUST.


Vindication will only ever occur through revolution.

There is no jail for the pigs of this country

There is no law to keep them from their vile ways

There is no peace for the black people of Amerika

Until there is a revolution.

And not a protest

Not a boycott

Not even summary legislative change.

This whole thing is foul and festering from the inside out.

The only way to cleanse it through a complete 100% fresh start.


400 years of inequality will not be fixed within the confines of the existing state.

It can’t be.


I applaud those who desire change, who put their lives on hold, who work tirelessly to “fix” it.

But I weep for them because their action are futile.

All the heart and passion in the world won’t fix a soulless conglomerate of corporate, neo-liberal capitalism.

This country is a terrorist nation.

Against its own citizens

And against other nations.

This is the bully of the world.

Other ecosystems are decimated to satiate our gluttonous, excessive lifestyles.

Even you “healthy organic” types ain’t shit.

If your diet involves Mexican avocado farmers dying from pesticides to meet your insatiable demands, you ain’t shit.

If you eat quinoa in such great amounts that you force farmers into cash-crop economies, you ain’t shit.

We drop white phosphorus on cities full of HUMANS

An incendiary chemical that burns through to the bone.

We claim to be the greatest nation on earth, but every night children sleep on the street.

People die from the inability to afford health care, like “sorry you got cancer, but your forefathers didn’t plan ahead so byeeeeee”

We give state-sanctioned murderers free reign to continue the KKK without fear of persecution.

Every day is spent in a fake-busy cycle to keep you from seeing the truth.

You force yourself into a car, then an office, or a store, or a school. And do nothing. We let the news bombard us all day and night so that when the shit really hits the fan (which it blatantly already has) we’re too numb to really care.

We are so concerned with our material holdings and following THE WAY THINGS HAVE ALWAYS BEENTM to ever even imagine another way of life. Just because your grand-grand-grand pappy did something a certain way does not mean it was right.

And, for the record (though this hardly needs to be said), this is a young nation. In its short existence look at all the harm that has been done!

And for what?

What do we contribute to the world?

Besides pollution and war.

No really, what shred of goodness comes out of this place?

All I see when I look back is a pathway covered in the broken pieces of nations who shattered under covert regime change, neo-colonialism, and illegal war.

I see the blood of millions of Africans and their descendants who were stripped of their very identity for GENERATIONS

They built this entire country. They are the only reason this place is a powerhouse. And they’re still casually assassinated in the streets, denigrated & disrespected at nearly every turn, or put back to work as slaves, once again, in prisons.



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